Our intention is to bring a complete facial building program that involves all involuntary muscles of the face and neck. What skin care experts once considered impossible has now been recognized and acknowledged by critics as not only possible but also completely logical.



FFACEGYM Is India's first facial fitness centre. It was launched on 30th November, 2004 by the famous actress Ms. Shilpa Shetty at Carter Rd., Bandra.

Facial Exercises help to increase blood supply ten fold to the muscles, resulting in formation of younger cells & an increase in muscle mass. Muscle fiber & conective tissue must be challenged to remain vital, healthy & youthful. Your face is no exception. Just as physical exercise helps to keep the body firm & toned, facial exercise will help to keep the facial muscles looking their best.

So come, join this program that will not only remodel your looks, but also reverse the process of ageing.Special workouts to keep your face young, fit, toned and beautiful.

FFACEGYM has had amongst its members a number of celebrity clients, corporate, professionals, young girls and boys, as well as housewives. It is a natural, non-surgical, non invasive and gadget free program to achieve a 30-40% change in your face.